hiya guys,

notes are so important. Well…..they are at least to me I’m like the most forgetful person ever. It’s ridiculous but true. I forget textbooks, homework and anything else you could forget. I always have several different notebooks for different things all the time.


So….why not have a stylish one? This one is by THEBRIDGE & TAYLOR. I am OBSESSED with it! Her links will be at the bottom of the page. It has copper embellishments which are custom. The cool grey colour goes beautifully with the warm bronzy coppery colour. It just all works.

Don’t forget notebooks aren’t just to remember they’re to hold on to memories or just right down your thoughts.


The notebook is thread bound with folder bit on the back page. The pages are a creamy colour with LINES not dots.

I think things like this are perfect for getting into writing things down because it’s so beautiful that’s all you want to do. For me it’s ideal: SMALL|COMPACT|PORTABLE|.

TheBridge & Taylor

Hope you enjoyed!

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