January Favourite 2017

Hiya guys,

As you all know favourites are my “favourite” things to blog about!

January can often be seen of as cold a drewery but these product will definitely put a kick in your step! So without further adieu let’s get into it.


First up Satsuma body sorbet. This wonderful luxurious body sorbet is much like and oil. Although the it may appear to look like sorbet at first as you rub it in it gently glides across your skin. It has the most amazing Satsuma scent which is irrisistable It is from the body shop.

Aqueous Cream is life. I am one of those people that besides my face I have very dry skin. And it’s uncomfortable, itchy and everything you don’t want when relaxing. It probably doesn’t help that I always have baths. During the Christmas holidays my dad recommended aqueous Cream and since then I haven’t stopped using it!! I got mine in boots.

Pure hydration facial oil is the best. Honestly oils scare me as I tend to have oily skin around the T zone. I decided why not and to just give it a go. Surprise surprise I ended up being wrong and loving it. I sinks into your skin super fast and leaves you with baby soft skin. This amazing product it also very affordable and found in your very own waitrose.

Pore-fectly clear keeps your skin happy. The GOOD THINGS definitely suit everybody’s skin type. You may remember I used to love their Manuka honey creamy cleanser. That was great for when my skin was more chill and less spotty however I definetly need a deep cleanse these days.

I love V neck pinafore dresses. This new look pinafore dress is literally the bee’s knees. It comes down quite low but with a cosy jumper and booties your good to go!


White jeans and white dreams? White jeans are definitely a new discovery for me. These specific ones are the first pair of jeans I’ve ever own that properly fit. This is because I have small ankles and a little but :). Don’t get me wrong I don’t care it’s just harder to buy jeans so….We bought a size down from what I usually am and THEY FIT. These ones are from new look.

Super sunnies save your eyes. These lovely sunnies from new look are the best. They suit my face shape and are UV protected. Although you might not think you need it your eyes with definetly thank you.

Slippery slippers will never slip out of your mind. These babies are from next and definitely keep my toes comfy and cosy. I love them to bits and I highly recommend a good pair of slippers for cold months.

Hope your day is going great!


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