New Family member?!?!

Hiya guys,

today I want to talk about……Mushka, na I’m just kidding her name is Midge. Sometimes I call her Mushka. Midge is a tiny ginger short hair british kitty. We got her from the animal shelter when she was about 8 weeks. We knew about her because someone we know works there. I’m sure if we had n’t taken her she would have been gone in a flash. She has like the most amazing personality. She can be super sweet and cuddle up to you and then she like turn into this crazy insane cat and its quite funny. My mum recently had to remove a plant from her room because midge was slowly pulling out all the soil. She was found in someones garden and wouldn’t come out until the cat of the person who lived there came out.

She is the most gorgeous cat and she has really pretty markings. I definitely have several scratches on my hands for her at the moment but you know it’s what ev, she’s just a kittne playing around.

I hope you guys enjoyed. A while ago I decided to just chill for a bit and not post however I was going to post and then of course my body was like na you just can’t. So I developed a temperature and headache which then transformed into horrible stomach aches, a doctors visit, tonsilitis, 4 days off school and still being ill. I completly lost all my appetite and just died. I literally didn’t move for like just under a week. 🙁 .

Hope you enjoyed a bit about Midge + a illness rant. <3


Hey hows it going? thanks for the commenting xx