Goals VS Resolutions

hiya guys,

today I’m talking about Goals VS Resolutions.

I feel like resolutions are one of those things that we should make but they are very pressuring. Having something that you feel like you have to do. Thats where goals come in. Goals are something that you work towards vs something you feel you have to do but sometimes can’t causing you to feel rubbish. All though for some that might be an incentive to do it, it’s not like that for everybody. Honestly it’s a matter of opinion however goals are something that are genuinely going to help you grow as a person vs just having a lifestyle change.

My Goals:

  1. Eat healthy
  2. Practice art and singing more
  3. Do more of what makes me happy
  4. Improve Photography

As you can see these are all things I can do easily or just do a bit of. They are all positive things to. For example instead of putting Improve photography I could have said make £50 on my photos (btw I’m not looking to make money on my photos) which is rediculous.

Either way whether you’re about resolutions or not YOU DO YOU.


Hey hows it going? thanks for the commenting xx