~October Favourites~

hiya guys,

today I’m going to share with you my October Favourites. I really enjoyed doing and using these things this month. They are suuuupppppeeeerrrr fun and I love them.

First are my newest purchase. Some absolutely gorgeous black heeled Booties.


They are supa doopa cute and the heel is no too big. I also quite like the heel as I’m quite short :). They also have a grey knitted detail at the top. They are from new look.


Next is this gorgeous turtle neck which you can see the proper colour of it in this photo however you can see the actual colour in the previous pic. Its a burgandy knit mock/turtle neck jumper. It’s super comfy and warm. It’s from new look. I really enjoy wearing it with my black ripped jeans and black booties.


These rings from Alari designs on etsy. They are stackable battered rings and I love them.


Chia seeds are so so tasty. If you don’t know they are crunchy seed you can eat or ad into a liquid to make them expand. They form a jelly layer around them. As I’m a vegetarian these are quite a good protein source and they taste so good. The one down side is that they are quite expensive. I highly reccomend them.


I’ve recently been loving these biscuits. I actually have a recipe for them: http://helloitsmai.com/ginger-spice-tea-biscuits

They are so good and I called them “tea biscuits” not because they are made with tea but because they are shortbreads but the go so good with tea.


I am absolutly obsessed with this greeny grayish dress from new look. I love the top part where the sleeves are. I think it fits really nicely on my body type and I love it!

Hope you enjoy! Love you guys so much!!!




Hey hows it going? thanks for the commenting xx