~EEDEN Monthly Planners~

Hiya Guys,

Recently I did a swap with an Etsy seller. I will leave a link to the website at the bottom. She was super nice to send the package from Seoul, Korea.

What I love about these is that you start them at any time of the year. you put in the date and month. They also have a note section at the back and a 12 month overview in the front.

I have an orange, pink and grey one however I don’t have a photo of the grey one. Overall I’m very pleased and have started putting dates into the orange one. They are so gorgeous and have a really nice texture.
I’m sure she would love for you all to head over there and make some purchases but in the meantime enjoy what you have. Remember there are so many people who are way less fortunate than you. Stay positive and get excited (Christmas is on its way!).



Hey hows it going? thanks for the commenting xx