~Veggie/Pesco Update~

Hiya guys,

I just wanted to update you on being a pescetarian. I can now say I’ve been a pescetarian for 3 whole months an just starting being a full veggie. This for me was a huge change and I was I no way forced to do it. When I became a pescetarian no one (that I was aware of) in my family and friendship group was pescetarian or vegetarian. I have found out now that there is one person though.

I do not regret becoming a pescetarian at all. I am now a full vegetarian as of this week. I didn’t actually eat a huge amount of fish though. This is because my family doesn’t eat a large amount of fish. So this made a easy pesco to veggie transition.

I have made a few mistakes like forgetting gummy sweets have gelatin in them but that’s it.

I am so so happy with my decisions. For me it makes me feel better about my self. I’m a vegetarian for ethical reasons and I’ve felt very strongly about the happiness and safety of animals since I was very young.

If your going to critique me based on the fact I’m vegetarian remember that people are stronger as a team. Not two sides or two different people arguing. I thought about my decisions for probably 2 years.

Hope you enjoyed.


Hey hows it going? thanks for the commenting xx