~Self Conscious~

Hiya guys,

Today I wanted to talk about self consciousness and self love.

I feel like this generation of people are so fixated on body types. There are so many things that someone could say about someone elses body that could offend them. That’s horrible and people shouldn’t be allowed to say some of these things.

You need to put a wall between you and certain people so if something says something mean it doesn’t effect you. I know that, that is so so hard. No matter what you do there will always be something you don’t like about yourself. You are your biggest critic and you can’t put a wall between you and yourself.

I’m self conscious sometimes, I could love something about myself one day and then the next I could hate it. You just need to remember you are beautiful.

You just have to stay strong and know that all those celebrity’s are all photo shopped.


Hey hows it going? thanks for the commenting xx