Self confidence🙌


Self confidence is about You no one else.

You need to address the negative thoughts and insecurities.
When your thinking oh I can’t do this think to your self ‘well I can’t do this but I can do that!’
Have pride. Its not bragging having pride in you self. Every now and then look in the mirror and smile😊
It can make you feel great. Give yourself time if at the moment your not great at something keep trying you will get better at even if it takes a long time. Do something out of your comfort zone.
Identify your talents and strive to improve them! Don’t compare yourself to others it will set you back.
Stop perfectionism if you can’t do something or you don’t look a certain way so what be proud of yourself.

Don’t ever let anyone dull your sparkle. You are your own boss!
Those who try to be like someone else they are not beautiful but when you make the consecutive decision to be yourself then you are beautiful.

” She is ugly” well no, just because you don’t see the beauty in does not mean she is ugly. You have NO right to say she is ugly. You have no idea that saying that can drain her self esteem levels to 0.
Looks do not define beauty. She is beautiful not only for her looks but the pure fact that she chooses to show her beauty no matter how much she hates her self and looks. Just because you would take it as a joke and laugh it of does not mean she can. If you believe you have the right to say that, I’m sorry but your are so wrong.

‘ Before you diagnose yourself with depression or low self esteem first make sure you are not, in fact, surrounding yourself with people who make you feel that way.’

‘Before you walked into my life you should have known that I will not put up with rude comments on me or my appearance.
I may not trust you but why on earth should I if you’ve done so far is hurt me. It not always about you and if you haven’t noticed you acting the way you have been makes everyday harder so please just stop.’

Dear everyone with low self esteem,
You are beautiful because some how you manage to sometimes be happy when you are being hurt.
Your eyes, freckles, glasses, hair, face and everything about you is amazing trust me💓.
Your scars show that you’ve fallen and picked yourself up because you are that kind of person.

That top weather you think it or not makes you so gorgeous.
Your smile, WOW its insane how just one glance at it immediately makes me smile. When someone talks to you they aren’t thinking ‘oh she’s ugly’ intact they should think the opposite.
Its OK to be curvey, slim, tall, short, tan, pale because its what makes you beautiful.
I wish your loved yourself as much as I do, as much as your friends and family do because you are so so so amazing, spontaneous I could go on and on.’


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