Woman’s day 2016


Hiya guys,
Today is woman’s day! I was watching a video that Ingrid Nilsen made and it completely inspired me to make this.
Woman’s day became a thing because we weren’t as girls and woman being treated equally as the opposing sex. Which I think is completely wrong but I forget while we are thinking about men and woman we don’t think about the gender people on forms or websites or what not call ‘other’. By this I mean non binary or transgender.

I totally think it is OK for people to be non binary or trans no one should ever think differently.
I was searching up about woman’s day earlier and I came across a website that was talking about female cabinet minister ×3 which I think is great but the photo they used was not. They showed a photo like the one used on bathroom stalls the typical woman in a dress or man wearing whatever but the world is not just made up of woman or men .

I do not at all think that men and woman should be categorized into different rooms (toilets) just because they need to go.
I think unisex bathrooms are great because they provide a in between for non binary/transgender.

Something quite shocking happened recently and it was the south Dakota bathroom bill which states
” Every restroom, locker room and shower room located in a public elementary or secondary school that is designated for student use and is accessible by multiple students at the same time shall be designated and used only by students of the same biological sex.”

This to me is awful and although they may be trying to protect youth they are not helping anything and in fact discriminating against the transgender or non binary community.
I myself am not trans but feel strongly about equality to do with it.

Us as human being should be all confident not because of how we look but because if who we are.

Gender equality is not the superiority of woman but of equal status for both Men, Woman, Non Binary and Transgender.

Hey hows it going? thanks for the commenting xx