hiya guys, notes are so important. Well…..they are at least to me I’m like the most forgetful person ever. It’s ridiculous but true. I forget textbooks, homework and anything else you could forget. I always have several different notebooks for […]


Hiya guys, it’s me surprise surprise. I wanted to give you a little more info on amber. She is about 3-4 years old. However we are not sure as she is a stray. They estimated she was about a year […]

Rainbow Pouches <3

Hiya guys, today we’re talking about something that I honestly love. This gorgeous purse is from Racheal King’s shop Gemima London but you can find similar ones on TafettasteelĀ  (her links will be at the bottom of the page). It […]


HIYA GUYS!! I’m so excited to announce that I’ve had this blog for 1 full year! OMG it honestly feels like just yesterday I was designing my first blog and having trouble deciding colours. I can’t beleive it. Thank you […]

OMG IT’S 2017

Hiya guys, It’s me. It’s currently 6:11 pm, 31st december 2016. Omg it’s just so crazy how fast this year has gone by. Lots of people have said this year has been one of their best and I totally agree. […]